WordPress veiligheidslekken

Ons platform geeft jou alles wat je nodig hebt om jou WordPress website/shop veilig te maken. Maar liefst 2x per week updaten we al je plugins en je hele WordPress core. Dit doen we op een bijzondere manier, we verwijderen namelijk alle oude files (incl. eventuele hacks). Zo heb je eigenlijk 2x per week een nieuwe installatie, natuurlijk behouden we je content en aanpassingen en maken we elke dag een back-up.

WordPress veiligheid

Hackers weten precies hoe ze via plug-ins, thema’s of zelfs via de server in je WordPress website kunnen komen.

Tijdig de juiste updates draaien is daarom heel erg belangrijk. Maar veel bedrijven en website eigenaren zijn zich daar te weinig van bewust. Of zien gewoon te laat dat er onveiligheden of updates zijn.  OneTap levert bij alle websites een (kosteloos) onderhoudsabonnement dat automatisch alle updates uitvoert zowel voor WordPress als op serverniveau. 

Ook kijken we voor onze klanten naar compatibiliteitsproblemen en houden we de laatste WordPress vulnerabilities bij. Zo blijven we samen de hackers een stapje voor!

Laatste WordPress vulnerabilities

RSS WordPress security
  • 5 Places Where You’d Never Expect to Get Hacked 28/10/2020
    For every gleaming new IoT device that hits the market, a hacker somewhere is figuring out how to compromise it. Today, even routine activities can land you in the sights of a bad actor. Imagine what a bad day could look like in this era of ubiquitous connectivity… it’d play like some dystopian grindhouse film. […]
    Art Martori
  • P.A.S. Fork v. 1.0 — A Web Shell Revival 26/10/2020
    A PHP shell containing multiple functions can easily consist of thousands of lines of code, so it’s no surprise that attackers often reuse the code from some of the most popular PHP web shells, like WSO or b374k. After all, if these popular (and readily available) PHP web shells do the job, there’s no need […]
    Luke Leal
  • Password Security & Password Managers 23/10/2020
    In the spirit of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), let’s talk about a security basic that many people overlook: passwords. These are one of the most fundamental aspects of website security, yet we too often see webmasters taking a lax approach to secure passwords. In fact, the online security provider TeamPassword found that last […]
    Art Martori
  • R_Evil WordPress Hacktool & Malicious JavaScript Injections 22/10/2020
    We often see hackers reusing the same malware, with only a few new adjustments to obfuscate the code so that it is more difficult for scanning tools to detect. However, sometimes entirely new attack tools are created and deployed by threat actors who don’t want to rely on obfuscating existing malware. Confusing Name – R_Evil […]
    Luke Leal
  • A Quick Glance at Cross-Origin Resource Sharing Security Headers 21/10/2020
    Thanks to the rapid growth of JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Vue, and React, CORS has become a popular word in the developer’s vocabulary. When requesting information from an external source such as an API (a pretty common practice for client-side JavaScript code), the origin of the resource must tell the web browser which domain, […]
    Northon Torga
  • Securing Your Online Store for the Holidays 16/10/2020
    Shopping season is here, and so is the opportunity for ecommerce site owners to grow their business and generate revenue. In lieu of the changing global ecommerce climate that this pandemic has produced, comes the importance of securing your website to protect your users — and your revenue streams. Your online customers depend on you […]
    Victor Santoyo
  • Sucuri Sit-Down Episode 4: XSS & WP Plugin Vulnerabilities with Antony Garand 15/10/2020
    October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and we’re back with analyst Antony Garand to take a deeper look into cross site scripting (XSS) attacks and WordPress plugin vulnerabilities. Plus, host Justin Channell will catch you up on the latest website security news from the Sucuri blog. For further reading about any of these topics, […]
    Justin Channell
  • Magento Phishing Leverages JavaScript For Exfiltration 14/10/2020
    During a recent investigation, a Magento admin login phishing page was found on a compromised website using the file name wp-order.php. This is an odd file name choice for a Magento phishing page, but nevertheless it successfully loads a legitimate looking Magento 1.x login page. What is not immediately visible or apparent to victims, however, […]
    Luke Leal
  • Redirects to YouTube Defacement Channel 13/10/2020
    During a recent investigation, we found an infected website was redirecting to YouTube after its main index.php file had been modified to include the following line of HTML: This technique works because it’s possible to use HTML within .php files — as long as the HTML is outside the PHP code tags. In this case, […]
    Luke Leal
  • Opening the Conversation about Website Security 09/10/2020
    The responsibility of ensuring that a website is protected falls on the website owner, but the security expectation may fall on the web service provider too. As a professional, you are the trusted party and first point of contact. Much of what your clients learn about web technology and security specifically comes from you. In […]
    Stephen Johnston
  • SiteCheck Malware Report: September Summary 07/10/2020
    Our free SiteCheck tool helps website owners remotely scan their website to detect malware infections, blacklisting status, website errors, and other anomalies. Scanning a website’s external HTML source code provides immediate results, without the need to install any software or applications to identify threats. In September alone, a total of 17,138,086 website scans were performed […]
    Denis Sinegubko

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