WordPress templates are refreshed regularly by the WordPress designers

Prachtige ZZP websites

The above WordPress templates are refreshed regularly by the WordPress designers. The wp templates are also visible from the wp-admin (OneTap.Online Portal) and you are able to change your wp design of specific wp design components whenever you like. OneTap.Online works with premium WordPress partners to ensure you have easy access to different WordPress services. Like SEO optimization for WordPress, WordPress design jobs or other services. Please note that we also have the possibility to custom design your WordPress design or extent your WordPress template for a fixed fee! 

All our WordPress templates are delivered with images and stock that may be used for commercial websites but some have restrictions on reselling or any other use. Please contact us or the designer to discuss this if it’s not clear to you. 

All wp designs will be installed and delivered within 15 minutes after you registration is accepted. You directly receive a WordPress template, WordPress hosting and the best WordPress plugins for you site worth more then 500 euro’s on licence fees and product & service fees. Completely free of charge as long as you are a paying customer.

Offerte aanvraag

Geef zoveel mogelijk informatie en enkele voorbeelden van designs waar je voorkeur naar uitgaat. Ook kun je een document bijvoegen waarin specificaties staan.

Verwacht een reactie binnen 2 werkdagen maar vaak reageren we dezelfde werkdag nog! 

Ter indicatie de prijs start bij € 795,-